Team Building Bike Builds

Team Building
Bike Builds

In 2022 Kids Bike Lane partnered with three corporations to conduct six Team Building Bike Builds (TBBB), Haskell Company in Livermore, Workday in Pleasanton, and Atlasian in San Francisco. In the six TBBBs there were a total of 80 employees who assembled 65 bikes. To facilitate team building, the employees were divided into teams of three each and then to receive parts for their first bike they have several tasks to accomplish. First, they imagine they are a bike shop and decide on a name for the bike shop in order to receive the handlebars. Their second task is to create a poster advertising their bike shop, and they receive the seat. Next, with pipe cleaners they create a bike with a rider that must stand up, and they receive the pedals. Finally, they create a commercial for their bike shop that they will act out at the end, and they receive the frame of the bike, followed by assembling the bike. After assembling one bike they proceed to assembling two more bikes.

Kids Bike Lane provides the new bikes in boxes, tools for assembling the bikes, all the supplies for the activities, a bike mechanic to check each bike, and a means for transporting the boxes to the site and delivering them to a charity. The company provides the employees, a space for assembling bikes, a means for disposing of the cardboard, payment for the bikes, and a donation for each employee who participates.

In the end, a Team Building Bike Build is a win for the company, a win for the participants who have a great time, a win for the charity that will distribute the bikes, a win for the kids that receive the bikes, and a win for Kids Bike Lane as they receive a donation that is designated for bikes for next year’s Big Bike Build.

We would love to receive leads to contact for planning future Team Building Bike Builds. Send us a message in the “Contact” link on the home page.