Adaptive Bikes for Special Needs Riders

Adaptive Bikes for Special Needs Riders

In 2019, Kids Bike Lane established a Memorial fund in the memory of Gerald (Jer) Kruse, a founding member of KBL Board of Directors. The fund was designated for adaptive bikes for special needs riders. In 2022 the fund was renamed and expanded to enable donors to give in memory of loved ones and to give a tribute in honor of a friend or colleague. As of 2023, bikes and adult tricycles have been presented to ten special needs riders. 

KBL has developed partnerships with several agencies in Alameda and Contra Costa     Counties that serve youth and young adults with special needs. These agencies identify  persons who would benefit from a bicycle or tricycle and submit an application on their     behalf that the Board reviews at a monthly meeting and approves purchase of a bike          or trike.

In August 2023, Kids Bike Lane was the recipient of a $5000 grant from the Tri-Valley Non­ ProfitAlliance designated for purchase of bicycles or tricycles for special needs riders. With these funds, added to funds we had in the Gerald Kruse Memorials and Tributes fund, KBL was able to purchase bikes and trikes for nine special needs riders.

One of the riders with cerebral palsy needed a specially constructed tricycle designed especially for her. Carina’s mother wrote, “More than Carina’s riding the trike at school 3 times in the last 3 weeks, she enjoys a sense of ownership.  She is very happy to show how her trike works to visitors. She also gets some exercise riding in the backyard.  Over time, the trike will help with her stamina and muscle tone.” Several riders had not ridden a bike before so their bikes were fittedwith heavy duty training wheels that will be returned to KBL after they are no longer needed.

A young adult’s case worker wrote, “The first day Vinny received the trike, he traveled all over Livermore. This trike has been such a great tool for Vinny in so many ways. He is able to work on health and fitness goals and he can independently go to the grocery store or run errands.”

Bring joy to a special needs rider by donating to the Tributes and Memorials Fund. You can click on the “Donate Directly Online” link on the Donate page and then select an option for the Adaptive Bikes donation.  

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