Thank You

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage in Livermore

Thank you Units for providing Kids Bike Lane with a storage container where all our supplies, tools, and materials are now accessible in one location.

Livermore Valley Craft Beer Foundation

Kids Bike Lane was the recipient of funds raised by the Livermore Valley Craft Beer Foundation from their annual Bikes and Brews event in October 2020. Thank you to the organization!



Thank you Therma for your continued support. Thanks to your generosity hundreds of kids will receive bikes and helmets from this year’s Big Bike Build.

First Presbyterian Church Livermore

Thank you First Presbyterian Church Livermore for your financial support of $4,000 toward bikes for this year’s Big Bike Build, for providing meeting space for our monthly meetings, and for sponsoring a recent Free Repair Clinic.

Alameda County Fairgrounds

Thank you Alameda County Fairgrounds for donating the use of buildings and space to support our annual Big Bike Build.