Listed below are several ways to donate to Kids Bike Lane. 

Donate Directly

Donate Directly by clicking the button below to make a one-time, monthly, or annual donation. You can also mail checks directly to Kids Bike Lane, P.O. Box 2534, Livermore, CA 94551.

When you click on “Donate Directly Online” you will see several options. Donations go to the General Fund unless the Adaptive Bikes for Special Needs Riders option is filled in. The Special Needs Riders fund has three options: 1) In memory of a loved one or friend whom you can name, 2) In memory of Gerald Kruse, a founding member of the KBL Board of Directors, in whose memory the fund was originally established, and 3) A tribute to honor a friend or colleague whom you can name. Please email with the name of the person you are remembering or honoring with your donation.


Employer Matching Donations

Kids Bike Lane is a 501(c)3 charitable organization approved by Benevity. Increase the power of your donation with matching funds from your employer. If you have questions contact 

CHEF matching Donations

Please consider donating in Kids Bike Lane’s name via CHEF’s Matching Program. CHEF (Community Health and Education Foundation) is a 501c3 that helps local non-profits. CHEF will match $1 for every $2 donated to our organization. Please donate on their website and select ‘Kids Bike Lane’ when making your donation. CHEF often meets their limit of donations within a week or two each month. So, please make your donation within the first week of the month! Corporate matching funds can also be made through Benevity, GuideStar or the LLNL Home Campaign.

Facebook Fundraising

If you have a birthday coming up, we encourage you to make Kids Bike Lane your fundraiser of choice on Facebook. Use the ‘+ Create Fundraiser’ option on our Facebook page.